A twist in the 50's

By Seyra Rico - 5:06 AM

Warning: You are entering a wildly haphazard world which I created for my own selfish reasons. *maniacal laugh* Kidding

I will always post about fashion, but I will be posting about some glimpses about my life as well. (But, I won't blame you if you got bored and trashed my blog.) Lastly, I cannot assure you that there won't be any long posts because words flow through me so fast sometimes I cannot keep up with them. I am normally non-verbal in person, but I can think of millions of things when writing. I had given you fair words of warning, now I shall begin.
Cardigan from Cignal, top and necklace from Landmark, shorts from Greenhills
This is where it all started. 
This was taken last March 2011 at my high school. One of my friends brought a camera and since my friends and I are all camera whores when we're together, and we were savoring our last moments in senior year, we took tons of photos. This is one of the few without them. When I saw this photo, I had an inkling to create a blog, but I had never done it. Because I'm better now, and this is an academic requirement, I attempted to blog.

But enough about that, my outfit was inspired by Katy Perry, for her "One of the Boys" album art. On this day, we were only practicing for a dance, so I was free to wear this. I love high waist shorts, for it really creates the illusion of longer, slimmer legs. I decided to wear this with a striped shirt and a red pendant for that almost nautical feel. 
I admit, I have zero idea on poses this time. :)
I wanna say thank you to my friend, Dana Llaneta, for her endless patience and unwavering support, and for capturing these photos.
Isn't she lovely?
That's it for my first blog post. I hope you visit my site again soon. Also, be free to comment, they are always welcome. Thanks so much! :)

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