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By Seyra Rico - 5:59 PM

Let me tell you something: I was planning to make a blog since last year. Many of my friends were encouraging me to try it out, since I love dressing up. I  told them no, I wasn't a blogger and I couldn't seem to find the time and motivation to create one. I became concerned with academics, I even admit that I neglected fashion. Now, I have conciliated with it. Like any teenage girl, I went through various fads and became caught up with different obsessions. Needless to say, none of them lasted. But fashion will always be my first, and maybe, only love.

Enough with the sickly sentimental stuff. So, the first time I saw this top, I knew I had to get it. I especially liked how uneven the hemline is, it will appear like a dress when viewed at the back. Plus, the sexy back cut of it! Since I wanted the top to be the focus, I paired with a simple high waist shorts (yes, I folded it). Silver accessories are the convention, so I didn't think gold accessories will match, but I am glad to prove myself wrong. They work! Plus, I get to wear my gold brogues that I rarely use for Fear of the Diminishing Sparkle.
Top from February Love, shorts from DKNY
The grass is still damp from the morning dew, but I risked walking in my glittery brogues. 
another bazaar find: gold ring
This yellow bracelet is a gift from my friend, Frances.
gold brogues from Rusty Lopez
In the spur of the moment, I did a pirouette. 

For the first time, I will post some behind the scenes photos!
Hope you will like it.

Zoom this in and you'll see that I'm still smiling.
Done! Here I am walking across the amphitheater
Coming closer
I was looking for a wash room to change in.
Thanks for reading!

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