Beautiful Goodbye

By Seyra Rico - 12:16 PM

Hi there! I hope you're enjoying the holidays as I am getting my fill of book series, drinking marathons, and fiesta ham here.

As for the title: I don't know. I was just listening to this beautiful song by Maroon 5. "You're even perfect when you cry..."

Also, it fits the time, for if you believe in the Mayan shizz, the world will end in two days. But logically speaking, (1) it doesn't fit the ensemble at all, (2) I myself don't believe in the Mayan prophecy, (3) I am not saying goodbye at all. But still, I'm keeping the title.

Yeah, I know. You scorn at me for not being original. But sometimes, I find inspiration from the most mundane things that people take for granted. For this outfit, I admit that I went crazy for uneven hemlines. I bought lots of them, like what happened in my Lace Fad and Floral Fad. I just had to post this. I was never a fan of buttoned and collared shirts and this made me change my perception. Partly because it is made of sheer fabric, and partly because it projects a smarter look. All I had to do was add the necklace and my oxfords. Viola! Instant scholarly chic ensemble, don't you think?

necklace from bazaar
ring from a bazaar
shoes from YMREN

messy bun, because I don't know how to do anything else, honestly
Hope you guys are having a great week!

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