Crumpled Prussian Heart

By Seyra Rico - 4:54 AM

 So, as you know, I have developed a certain fetish for back focus dresses. And this outfit is no exception. Like most of my dresses, I instantly fell in love with this at first sight. I thought it was heart shaped back focus dress on the rack, and I was so whisked away that I didn't really notice that it wasn't a heart at all. But then again, it reminded me how you can be so blinded by something so beautiful that when you got accustomed to the light, you realize that it's not what you thought, and by then, damage is done. (I know, I know, where did that came from? You should be used by my haphazard thoughts by now.) I don't regret it though. There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned. LOL WHUTT

All I really did with this outfit was to add a beaded collar necklace that I bought simultaneously with the dress and done! I fleetingly seemed like I came from Audrey Hepburn era, which is not half-bad at all. I was supposed to imitate her famous bun, too, if not for time constraints. I added my trusty flats and I was good to go.

Surprsingly, I have a bit of cleavage haha. I love this dress.
Now you see why it's crumpled.
Rusty Lopez

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