Flower Child

3:17:00 PM

Hi there! So I'm back home for the holidays and I have a confession to make: these photos were still shot in UP. We shot them before Christmas so I can save my time and spend them with my family instead (awww). After all, Christmas is for the family. 

Anyways, since I am not well-endowed (if you know what I mean hehe), I've taken a great liking to back focus and body con dresses. I mean, if you can't show the front, at least, show the back and the sides, right? The top is actually a body con dress, but since I was going for bit whimsical look here, I added the flowy uneven hem skirt. It balanced the look nicely, don't you think? Then I added black accessories, and I added the felt head dress as a prop/after thought. Spikes are my fashion fad right now, so I wore them. 

*The sun was about to set this time, so apologies for the poor lighting.

all items bought from a bazaar, except shoes from Janylin (?)

Happy holidays everyone!

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