First of New Year

By Seyra Rico - 11:11 AM

Happy happy happy new year everyone! And, Happy Epiphany, too! I apologize for the late follow-up post for I went to the province and unfortunately, the internet connection is problematic. Also, I wanted to spend uninterrupted time with my family. (I only see them once a year, you see.)

But enough about that. Being in Bataan never fails to make me joyful. I can literally sleep and eat there. Well, plus baby sitting my oh-so cute cousins that is nowhere near a chore. Plus, my grandparents' compound is minutes away from beaches so we can relax in the sand anytime we like. I love how the beaches are beautiful, but not overcrowded. Tourists are rare, just passing by to rent a boat to get to Corregidor.

Our trip to Bataan was last minute (what a surprise) so I didn't get to really prepare for beach trips. I won't post this on Lookbook though, because I also forgot my camera, and it seems tacky for me to post filtered photos there. 

Here are some shots from my sister's Instagram. (I don't have an Instagram account.)

top from Jewels

sunnies from Adikaba.  Check out their shop at
Imagine waking up to this...
See I've been waiting for this loving all day ♫ 
(front) my eight year old couz, G-Ane,  (far left) 4 year old Herson, (farthest) 3 year old Rox
Unintended ombre hair
Wishing you all the best for 2013! Yay!

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