Nationalistic Pixie

By Seyra Rico - 3:30 PM

Hi! New year, new look! Cliché, yes but true. Many people wondered aloud why I cut my hair so drastically. Most of them asked if I was heartbroken. Some admired my bravery for doing such a formidable task because of the usual emotional attachment between girls and hair. But I cut my hair really, for the heck of it. I wasn't bored, I just felt like I needed a change. In truth, I was infuriated by my long hair, which needed more hair care products and time. I originally wanted a mohawk cut, but it's too extremist. (Maybe during the summer, I will still do it.) Anyways, it's just hair, it will grow back, right? Don't be afraid to make a change. 
So now, I am inspired by my new haircut--I'm not sure exactly what it's called, but it's a longer version of a pixie cut and then I matched it with a pixie fairy like ensemble. The dress is actually skirt from my Gabi, my roommate and almost sister. She suggested that I put this on my blog so here it is! The skirt was too long for me (or for anyone) so I improvised. It turned out to be adorably cute! And it's preloved, can you believe it? 

bow tie bought from Hanoi
Such a textured skirt! 
flats from Cinderella 
Plus! Some outtakes (ehem ehem, feeling). 
These last three shots look like we were in an African safari and I was so giddy when I saw them! Guess where we really went?
That's Anna, my photographer
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