Sweet Surrender

By Seyra Rico - 12:08 PM

Bustiers! One of my fashion fads last 2012. It was difficult to find one that fits me perfectly because I am not well-endowed (if you get what I mean), but I did, thank God. For this ensemble, I went all sweetheart and date worthy. Who cares about my dateless state anyway? I'm having too much fun. 

Sorry to digress yet again. I love how bustiers matched my floral skirt perfectly. I looked like a real darling! Haha. I then wore my gladiators to toughen it up, the result is a romantic look that deviated from my usual rock chick outfits. I love how clothes transform your image, it's like Cosplay, but safer and more wearable, don't you think?

I also attempted and failed miserably and horribly I might add after taking some photos. Oh no, say it isn't so. 

Oblation Statue, UP Diliman
UP Academic Oval
These kids saw us and asked to be photographed! Cuties.
Here they are again with Anna. 
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* photos taken last December 2012

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