Welcome, 2013!

By Seyra Rico - 4:30 PM

Weird, here I am writing about new year after I posted beach pictures. Ha ha ha. But you should know that there are so many things I don't believe in, like chronology (together with men skinny jeans, abligurition, aphrodisiac food, etc.)

So, how was your New Year celebration? I hope you got your fill of fats, sugar and alcohol. That's not too bad, considering you only get to do consume them all at once once or twice a year. Right? I hope you indulged your stomach's whims. I am also a non-believer on New Year's resolution. For me, you can change anytime of the year. Like me, I resolved to be happy again last May after a particularly tough time, and then I did find my light again. You can change anytime you like, you don't have to wait for January. I believe that the best time is now, I learned that in the hard way, after months of procrastination that led to cataclysmic results. 

Sorry for ranting, here are the pictures of my family during the New Year's week (December 31-January 6). Unlike most people, we do exchange gifts during the New Year, after the fireworks and Media Noche and then we go to mass first thing in the morning. (That explains my conservative outfit on the first photos). There's always a feast as long as we are all there, and I eat like I'm gonna be in the death row in the morning, in my sister's words. And all you do is sleep and relax. What's not to love? I love my family, they're the most wonderful people one can ever have. I am incredibly fortunate to have them.

teleserye pose

aftermath of New Year face huhu
we are the Original  Four
Mount Samat
Save the Earth gift wrappers!
5 hr bus travel with my sister sleeping in the background
baby sitting duties
my beautiful grandma
sis with Cai
eight month old Cai
Cheers for family, love and surprises in store for us this year! 

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