February Inspiration

By Seyra Rico - 4:05 PM

*Disclaimer: I do not own all photos in this post. No copyright infringement intended.

We all need inspirations. In truth, some of these are my wants right now (the two are often interchanged, however subconsciously). I'm loving baroque prints right now. There's something classy and grand about them, but still self-effacing. Also, I found inspiration with baroque architecture in the 16th century Italy because for me, fashion is art and architecture.

Also, cut-outs. I haven't seen anything I like yet :(

I discovered I find inspirations everywhere. Sometimes, I people watch and I find inspiration in them. Not in the spiritual sense, that I know I am not alone in this world, but enough that I know what to wear for the next day. Haha!Take inspiration from artists you look up to, or your loved ones.

Be inspired. What's your inspiration? (I sound like an advertisement, point taken.)

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