I Wanna See Your Peacock

By Seyra Rico - 11:12 AM

Let me confess something. If you see me during school days, you'll be disappointed. My outfits are mostly shirt + shorts + rubber shoes + bagpack. Utterly non-special and UP.

And then my sister saw me after one month of not seeing each other (I live in a dorm you see, and I don't go home in Cavite too often) and suggested that: "Mag-ayos ka naman." And I decided to accept her challenge. I bought more than five dresses in a day plus some accessories. UP culture is academic freedom and excellence so no one ever minds (or notices) if you're just wearing pajamas in your class. That's why I've been dressing down for this year. You wouldn't to find the time to pull out a dress if you have three exams, two papers, two reports due for a day, I am telling you. But I decided to revert to my old self, I will dress like I am going on date every day. 

I don't believe in love at first sight for people, but I DO believe in love at first sight for clothes and fashion. This is one of them. I love the peacock print and the color combo of it: coral, teal and yellow. I decided to finish the ensemble with a brown colored gladiator flats and purple accessories--the only color missing from the ensemble.

Introducing: my campaign photo!  I look so amiable here. (The UPD USC campaign will be starting soon and I'm getting their vibes vicariously.)
* apologies to Katy Perry

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