Love You Long Time

By Seyra Rico - 4:48 PM

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I wish you won't feel disgusted by the sickly sentimentality of all the flowers and chocolates you saw today. (Like the people from my Facebook news feed. Ha ha.)

As for me, I feel... neutral. So does the color of my ensemble today. Lace and petticoat: a tasty combination. And I couldn't bear to be that sophisticated so I wore my gladiator heels. I dress like a rocker through and through.

The headband was made by my amazing Fine Arts Major in Visual Communications friend, Chrystelle Butalid. As she said, very Lana Del Rey.

Another love at first sight outfit. Who wouldn't fall in love? But speaking of practical terms, I don't know where I can actually where this properly. Yeah, in school. And I'm certain that my fellow Iskos and Iskas won't think I'm out of my mind or anything because we are free thinkers here. 

The gist of this utterly boring gripe is: if I suddenly wanted to be a bride about to attend a Valentine's Day mass wedding held at the city hall by the mayor, then I'm ready for I have this dress. How weird. As if I'll ever be a bride or be part of a mass wedding. *snorts* Kidding.

DV dress
Salvatore Ferragamo bag
DV necklace
M. Nicole at Figlia heels

For you: I really do hope you're happy. Sayang, ang cute na sana ng love story natin.

*apologies to the Black Eyed Peas

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