Peeking Petticoat

1:41:00 PM

Ever since senior prom, I loved petticoats.In fact, the lack of petticoats in mainstream fashion lines pains me. So when I found this dress, I bought it instantly. I love how they created a casual version of petticoats, which was invented during the 1600's and popularized during the 1800's. I used this as a school outfit and many wondered what's the occasion today. I told them there's no need for an occasion to dress up (fashion obsessed alert). And there's definitely no need for an occasion to look good. 

So, I paired the dress with purple accessories and cobalt gladiator sandals. We need to remember that belts are of vital importance of dresses with this cuts because a sad phenomena/fashion faux pas will happen that is known as Random Disfiguring Bunching Up of the Top and a simple skinny belt will suffice.
dress bought from Divi! Loud and proud. (And that's why they don't have any brand names.)

It was windy and I loved the effect. Forgive me for my giddiness.

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