A Tribute to Summer

By Seyra Rico - 11:44 AM

There's always a time when you want to take off all your clothes. Kidding! LOL. My summer outfits adventure continues with this cut out peplum top. And since it's a sheer cut out already, I paired it with jeans (gasp!). My friends know I'm not a jean person, for I feel sad whenever I have to wear them--but here goes. You have to strike a complicated balance with your clothes. This looks like a cute beach cover-up or a pseudo swimsuit, don't you think?

Landmark top, Freego jeans
collar necklace from Landmark
People are People heels
This feels so presko! Bring the heat on. Plus, peek-a-boo styles are all the rage this season, so you can never go wrong with this. Just make sure that the cut-out isn't too much or you can go from classy to trashy in an instant.

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