March Mood Board: Weddings

3:35:00 PM

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos for this post. No copyright infringement intended.

I do love myself a wedding. It's like a promise of true love, if it exists. Sometimes, I find myself searching for wedding gowns. I keep telling myself it's for my future perusal but that's as distant as the Apocalypse. Plus, I want my wedding to be during the summer (or December) so this post is most opportune. Here's the result of my hopelessly romantic research. Enjoy.

Also, gazebos! Yes, I am well aware that in order to have my dream wedding, I need to find a boyfriend first but I don't care. This is just a vague dream for now. I'm in no hurry, it's not like I'll be 29 years old tomorrow or something.

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