Winter Wonderland

By Seyra Rico - 1:02 PM

Last March 2 was my beautiful friend Nesrianne's debut. And the theme was Winter Wonderland. Yes, we know all know it's summer time, but that made her party more special! Everyone dressed up with cool colors. 

Here's my ensemble that night:

Cocco dress
DV necklace
YMREN heels
Then the party! I couldn't pick of at all so I decided to upload loads of them.
(L-R) Pat, JF and Hillary
with Glenn and Aug
Kudos to the party organizers for such wonderful set-up!
(L-R) Seyra, Pat, Kath, Khar, Jaja and Mia
with some of the 18 Roses
Nes thanking everyone who made her special day even more special. Aww
I was part of the 18 Candles 
So beautiful. 
I definitely missed my CN friends that I rarely saw these days :( But this event brought us all together.  Until the next bonding activity, CN!

Photos grabbed from Yani Santiago, Melinda Collado, Jaja Abella and Kath De Guzman

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  1. Aww Seyra! :""> Miss na miss ka rin naming CN! :D Looking forward sa susunod nating bonding! :)) ♥

    1. Aww, thanks Nez! Sorry for not hanging out with you often, I feel so guilty. :( See you, aattend talaga ko. ♥


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