By Seyra Rico - 2:01 PM

As you've heard, the commencement exercise in UP Diliman was held last Sunday. And the sunflowers was timed perfectly this year! It was such an awesome sight, it inspired me to work harder so I can wear my own ecru dress and sablay when the time comes. Graduating in UP is no joke, it seems like the most difficult thing I have to do. I cannot fully encompass it here. (I'm sure my fellow iskolars will understand.)

Also, it changed my mind about those light pink roses I want to receive randomly from my You. Give me a bouquet of sunflowers and I will hug You and squeal on the spot like a completely demented creature. Ha ha ha!

The photos are taken by my awesome friend, Chrsytelle Butalid. She's a future art director for a high end fashion magazine, so watch out! She excels in every kind of art and I couldn't help being impressed by her talents everytime.

Congratulations to all UP graduates! Serve the people!

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