Duckpin Bowling

By Seyra Rico - 3:21 PM

As I've written in my last post, I am taking duck pin bowling this semester. Duck pin bowling is a smaller and lighter version of ten pin bowling, which is more prevalent in the country. As an Iska, I am privileged to play in our own bowling alley. A game costs 16 pesos if you're a UP student, and 22 (?) pesos if you're an outsider. A game has 10 frames, with 3 tries each. The pins are manually aligned by the pin boys. I felt astounded when I first saw them, too.

Also, we are required to wear the College of Human Kinetics shirt (gasp!) and rubber shoes so you will see me looking normal. I always change my shirt immediately. 

Go, Mara! 
Bowling is super fun! And I discovered that I'm not half-bad with it. I love my teammates, and we're currently rank #3 now. Hope we win the tournaments!

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