Mindanao Day 4

By Seyra Rico - 6:33 PM

*long post ahead*

Last day in Mindanao! We all wake up extra early for the final activity: white water rafting! It was less than an hour away from our hotel, which was near Centrio Mall.

Whitewater rafting in the Philippines is still relatively new, and it's top site is in Cagayan de Oro. The river actually bisects CDO from Bukidnon. For those who know me, they'll know that I'm a frustrated adrenaline junkie. (I think I will be a legit one after graduation, if my mom wouldn't find out haha)

For those who are skeptic about trying this: don't. There were moments when the water's calm and you can swim until the next current comes up. You will have to bend at some moments because of caves and fear of capsizing because of the rocks is always present but I'm telling you, it was more than worth the money. You get to experience nature at its finest, there were moments when I thought that: "This place inspired all the diwatas in Filipino myths." and "I'm seeing the place that our ancestors have seen a millenia ago." 

We picked the advanced course (advanced agad?). It was safe, so you need not be afraid. We all wore lifevests and helmets and there's an expert river  guide per boat (which can seat 6-8 people). Of course, we had an orientation first, to know the do's and don'ts. It ended with a light: "Don't panic, we are all organic! We will all float, sometimes after a few seconds, or after a few days." 

First thing's first: Orientation 
All girl group!

Seriously, this made me believe in God

Juana and I were the ones in front because we volunteered that we're the strongest :P

The part where Juana fell off the boat!  
Here we are  looking worried

And no, there were no killer crocodiles there, even if the setting kinda looked like one. Crocodiles can't live in rapids, they'll be swept away.

The end! It was really a superb experience. On the way back, the weariness couldn't catch up with me. But when brought my bag down at home, I could feel the four hours of paddling and swimming times two. I had a terrible sunburn and I spent the next few days hugging my bag pack when I go to class because putting the straps on my shoulders proved to be too much.

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