Juan Tanghal - Ang Kagilagilalas? (2013)

By Seyra Rico - 9:33 AM

I realized that my blog's been a really lonely place to hang out in. The past semester was the most hectic yet. There were times that I was zoning out due to sleep deprivation. Don't get me wrong, I loved being busy but it passed by so quickly, I didn't even notice. And now it's sembreak.

It worries me. The time passing. I just don't want to wake up one day and realize that I'm old, and I haven't really done anything worthwhile.

Anyway. Last October 7, I volunteered to be part of Gio's project for his experimental film course called Juan Tanghal. He is such a wonderful and talented friend, and I'm lucky we're able to retain our friendship, even though our only common class was a GE course last year. I know he will be one amazing director, combining art, film, theater and social issues.

I did it for art. Never mind that I'm a hipster through and through. I always support independent productions, especially nationalistic ones. It's a way to continuously breathe life to our culture and struggle.

Here I am with Aaron, one of the actors. The other photos we took are for our own self-gratification only. Haha!
Here's the film. I hope you all like it! :)

Juan Tanghal - Ang Kagilagilalas? (2013) from Gio Potes on Vimeo.

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