Puerto Princesa Day 2

By Seyra Rico - 2:38 PM

Wait, hold up. Where's the Day 1, you say? Sadly, I didn't take any photos. I know I'm a bad blogger, but my afternoon flight was delayed so it was 8pm when I got to Puerto Princesa and we just ate dinner (in an art cafe with scrumptious food that I don't have any photos of) and called it a night. Nothing to blog about.

So, Puerto Princesa, the city of the living god! My roomie and almost sister, Gabi, have been inviting me since 2011, and I thought now's a good time to go. I still feel guilty for leaving tons of org activities, but this year has been mentally and physically draining, and I badly needed a breather. This is the perfect opportunity.

Day 2. Where else but the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park? It was 1.5 hours away from the airport. Then a 20-minute motor boat ride to the island, then another boat ride to explore the cave.

Stopover! That's the West Philippine Sea in the background.

 I was actually seated at the front so I was holding the only light source in our cave. It was pitch black without it. It was fantastic for I get to decide what rock formation to illuminate, if our guide wasn't instructing me to focus the light on stalagmites. I've got a few photos, but there were crappy for I decided I wouldn't use flash as to not disturb the bats. The cave was amazing. It was nature at its finest. I couldn't find words to fully encompass the beauty of it. It made me want to visit the other six wonders, too.
Unintended artistic shot.
 Late lunch back at the mainland! Here's Gabi's food which was way more colorful than mine. It was a buffet meal, eat-all-you-can meal. Yum!
Here's mine.
 After that, we traveled back and had a snack at Viet Ville Restaurant. It used to be a huge settlement of Vietnamese political refugees but most immigrated so now there's only four families left. But, the cuisine remained.

Warning: I have no idea how to do food photography. Bad blogger award.
Tra Da Chah, iced tea + lemon + honey 
Pho Bo Koh
mint and toge for garnish
Banh Mi Po
Banh Mi Thit Pate
I was so full that by the end of the day, I didn't want to eat dinner. I love Palawan already. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh how much I would love to come and see Palawan one day! The nature, the adventures, the food - everything looks amazing :)

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    1. Hi, Lubka! :) You definitely should! Especially now, it's frigid there in Europe!


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