Puerto Princesa Day 4

By Seyra Rico - 2:57 AM

Sunday is the gastronomic adventure day. I don’t think I can eat during the holidays anymore. We went to the Sunday service where I watched Gabi and her family perform Christmas songs to the audience delight. Such talented family! They’re the warmest, too.

First off, we went to Hukad, which means “sandok” in Cebuano. Then we went to Robinsons Palawan to watch Disney’s Frozen. I am usually against going to malls during vacations, because I want to be away from the hustle bustle feeling that malls evocate but this was an exception. I really wanted to catch Frozen before it can be replace by MMFF movies. It was amazing! It deviated from the usual Disney films. For those who haven’t watched it, I suggest you watch it. NOW.
Chicken pandan
Crispy Pata
Puso Salad
Grilled pork ribs
Halu-halo sa Golden Cowrie. Gabi said it reminded me of Cowrie Island yesterday

Green mango smoothie and strawberry milkshake
Stuffed squid
Breaded prawns
Classic Tamilok
Here I am feeling nauseous. Hahaha! 
Then, we went to Mercado de San Miguel to shop for souvenirs. There’s a shop there, called Delma Pearl that sells authentic pearl earrings worth 10 pesos. Can you believe that?

For dinner, we went to Kinabuchs. Gabi really wanted me to try the Tamilok, which is dish made of woodworms. Being the daredevil that I am, I tasted it. It was slimy and the texture was gross, but I managed to eat it without throwing up. Haha!

So now that I've sampled Puerto's finest cuisines, what's next for me?

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