Puerto Princesa Day 5

By Seyra Rico - 9:02 AM

Last day in Palawan. We first went to Palawan Museum. I don’t get why some people find museums boring, but I find them incredibly fun. It’s history +sociology in one visit. I’m a nerd, so I actually read almost every description of the displays.
Manunggul Jar, one of the most important artifacts here in the Philippines

Baybayin, the native handwriting

Me and Gabi at Baybay
 For lunch, we went to KaLui, which requires its customers to take off their shoes and go barefoot once inside their restaurant. I think they’re trying to preserve their wood floors. But if you want to dine there, you should have a reservation, because it’s a real tourist spot in the city.

Ultra fresh seaweed!
Coco Banana smoothie
Mixed Seafood sisig

Vegetable tempura
Timbancaya family + me

Then, off to Palawan Special Battalion WW-II Memorial Museum. I was struck by how little I know about their history. It wasn’t as glorified as the history of Cavite, my home town.  It always horrify me how can people think of those kinds of torture. Then we went to Plaza Cuartel, where 143 American prisoners of war (POW) was burned alive. Only 11 of them survived.

I thank Gabi’s parents, Tito Omay and Tita Justine, now I know where she gets her endless genorisity and kindness. You’ve been beyond accommodating. I don’t think I have enjoyed a place quite like Puerto, and it was all because of these people.

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