Tambulan sa Diliman 8

By Seyra Rico - 5:13 PM

Last Friday night, UP Indak Oryantal (UP Belly Dance Club), my performing arts organization performed for Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino's (KONTRAGAPI) event, Tambulan sa Diliman. This is an annual event, which focuses on the percussion instruments by conducting mini lessons for guest and inviting indie folk bands to perform. How great is that? 

We always do tie-ups with them, for we both promote and enrich culture. And this time was no exception, we had the privilege to dance with them. It was my first performance as an applicant, and it was so simultaneously nerve racking and amazing dance, especially if you were just wearing a bra. But UPIO helped me feel comfortable with my body, and thus, empower me.

Here's our president, I-ann, performing a drum solo.
Here we go!

Miles is incredible!

matching colors with Meiru
Rib cage tattoo for this night!
They even had poi dancing!
Here's the video of our number:

It was such an awesome experience and I can't wait for our next performances. I admit, I'm not a good dancer, but nothing practice is key to talent. 

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  1. Ha! This looks like lots of fun!
    A friend of mine who moved from Bulgaria to USA is doing belly dancing quite seriously and even goes to some competitions and festivals :)

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    1. Hi, Lubka! Belly dancing, like any other sport is challenging. But it is quite fulfilling! You should try it too, then blog about it! :)


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