One Billion Rising

By Seyra Rico - 3:30 AM

"Women may be bound twice in a nation struggling for freedom, but women in the struggle are women unbound." 
--- V. I. Lenin

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.

That is one billion women.

In 2013, one billion women and men shook the earth through dance to end violence against women and girls.

This year, on 14 February 2014 we are calling on women and men everywhere to harness their power and imagination to rise for justice.

Imagine, one billion women releasing their stories, dancing and speaking out at the places where they need justice, where they need an end to violence against women and girls.



Click this link for the event details.

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As you've noticed, I'm the Education & Research Committee Head of GABRIELA-Youth UP Diliman since September. GABRIELA is the main organizer for this event every year. In truth, this is the sole organization I found fulfillment. It empowers women, but it knows the issues of women are not separate from that of the society. Women are doubly abused by this semi colonial, semi feudal system--because of their class and because of their sex. We should fight for our rights because women are more tightly bound by patriarchal chains. I could go on about my rant, but joining GABRIELA changed me, in all ways imaginable.


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