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It's hard to strike a balance between activism and academics. Activism encourages you to give your all to the struggle, yet it will never force you. My fellow activists now that the internal is still the decisive factor, and ultimately, it will be all up to you. In all honesty, academics has never been my priority since high school. My grades are fine, because I think, what will be the purpose if I achieve Latin honors now? It will be purely individualistic, and for your own self-interest. It wouldn't help the masses win the struggle. Now my time mostly goes to tasks, like discussing to classes and organizations about tuition fee increases, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that led to the murder of Jennifer Laude, violence against women, agrarian reforms and so on. I find the fulfillment in doing something that is socially relevant, and thus, I find my balance.

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Like the fashion code I adhere to: that if I'm wearing a sleeveless top, I should wear jeans to balance the top. My outfit won't look to revealing, and it will be still classy. Tell me what you think!

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