Bohol 2014 - Part 2

By Seyra Rico - 3:28 PM

Last day in Bohol! It quasi fulfilled my wish of an escape because I was so stressed with my thesis, plus everything else that's happening in life right now. We went dolphin watching at Pamilacan Island, which is one hour boat ride away from Baclayon. The experience was beyond words. Worth waking up at 4am!

Here's the video:

We then went to the island, and the tourism there is a community effort. It was refreshing not to see corporatized and commercialized sites, which made even more special. I am against commodification and crass commercialism of everything, especially nature. Community based tourism may be the best means to practice tourism because the residents will be the main stakeholders, and not the tourists, so it will be less likely for them to develop a capitalist outlook. The island was so beautiful that I want to go back and try their full body massage. We also went snorkeling, but I didn't have any waterproof camera, I couldn't post photos. Sorry!

With my travel buddies, Elle and Marga
Legit candid shot. I am cleaning the beach area. See the plastic I'm holding?

Wonder where am I going next? 

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