By Seyra Rico - 2:37 PM

Don't you just love the color red? It is an emotionally intense color--symbolizing passion, love, energy and power. I read a study that claimed that red makes people feel hunger, thus it is a standard color for designing fast food restaurants. But I have a different reason for loving the color red: it signifies the color of the people's struggle. It represents courage and the will to fight for the rights of the people, and even die for them. It is what Andres Bonifacio and the rest of our martyrs stood for.

Diane Von Furstenberg Shorts, Converse Sneakers

Tank Top from Forever 21 
With the -ber months rolling in, and me being susceptible to colds, I will dress appropriately for the weather.  Who likes sniffing and coughing, anyway? The red pops out, in this dreary weather, I must say.

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