DIY: Ombré Spiked Shorts

By Seyra Rico - 2:12 AM

This blog may not be your usual fashion blog, or what it used to be two years ago, but this is my life now. Activism is not just a hobby, or something you do during your free time. It is a way of life. There's no turning back now. I cannot unlearn or unsee anything I have experienced inside the movement. Yet blogging is a way that calms and relaxes me. I am a person that wants to pursue many interests, and I still have to strike a balance between those interests. Unlike commendable comrades who give their whole life to the revolution. 

Again, this won't be a tutorial on how to make a spiked ombré shorts, but I'll tell you something about it, this shorts used to be a white one, and I dipped it in water with jobos dye. And then I distressed it using tweezers and manually incised holes for the spikes. It was laborious and time consuming, but the end product is worth it. What do you think?

Weird angle with my photographer

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