Ilocos 2015 - Day 1

By Seyra Rico - 2:31 AM

Travel diaries! Last March 13-16, my friend, Kristin, and I went to Ilocos with some of our classmates from AIT. We went to Adams, the northernmost town of Ilocos, which is basically the northernmost town of Luzon (not counting Babuyan Islands). Traveling always gives me fulfillment, especially when you're traveling to far flung places, the Philippines is really rich and beautiful, yet the Filipino people are struggling. My principles are reaffirmed each time I travel, whether I'm doing bourgeois travel or solidarity trip.

Anuplig Falls

Fried frogs, ant eggs, Laing, and veggies

Community winery
Lovers' Peak

Patapat Viaduct overlooking Luzon Strait

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