Boracay Adventures: Part 1

By Seyra Rico - 8:40 AM

It's my sister's 23rd birthday, and she asked if I can accompany her to Boracay. And of course I said yes! I've always wanted to go Boracay, I feel like time is running out in that island because of hyper commercialization. And so we got our bags and went to Aklan!

It's 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Kalibo to the port, then another 15 minutes boat ride to get to Boracay Island. The fare costs PhP 200-250, based on the provider you choose.

Local life

We then went to Smoke Resto for lunch, and the place is packed! We ordered Fish Salpicao, and Stuffed Squid. My sister and I aren't foodies, so we were content on ordering single sized meals.

Our welcome to Boracay photo!
We had a blast! Watch out for more photos!

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