Boracay Adventures: Boracay PubCrawl

By Seyra Rico - 7:14 AM

Oh, and I almost forgot to blog about Boracay PubCrawl and all its glorious moments. For those who don't know what pub crawl is, it is when a group of people visit multiple bars or pubs in one night. You can imagine people crawling on bar #4, right? Just kidding. To tell the truth, I didn't know about pub crawl until New Girl's Valentine episode. I love parties, yet I only drink socially. So, dear readers, I say to all who consume alcohol, please drink responsibly. It's not cool to forget all the friends you've met during pub crawl in the morning. Not to mention it's never sexy to vomit in public. 

Since my sister arranged our trip in Boracay, she booked us at Boracay PubCrawl, too. We got an early bird rate, so we paid PhP 690 instead of PhP 990. Boracay PubCrawl's motto is, "Turn strangers into friends!" and we know we needed friends, for we went to Boracay alone and we will be staying for five days. When we joined, we went to Station 4, the starting point; Fifties Bistro, with the live band; Wave Bar & Lounge, one of the best bars in Boracay in my opinion; and Club Paraw, where the water was so close we took a midnight swim at 3am

Photos grabbed from Boracay PubCrawl Facebook page.

Malaysian friends!

We celebrated my sister's birthday!

Boracay PubCrawl won't ever let you down. See how happy we all were? You won't regret it! We badly needed friends since Boracay are for parties and friends, and it's lonely to dance with just the two of us. We ended up hanging out with all our new found friends and doing all the activities Boracay has to offer! They're such wonderful people. And since all of them are based in Metro Manila, we still see each other every now and then. One even threw me a send off celebration when my internship ended. (Hi, Ja!)

And if you loved it so much, surprise! You will just pay PhP 500 when you join again, as long as you bring your shirt, baller band and shot glass.

It's extremely fun! One must not leave Boracay without trying Boracay PubCrawl. Book here.

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  1. Wow this pictures look like you are having a great time!!!! Kisses

    1. I am, thanks! There's probably tons of parties on the beaches in Spain, too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. You should! It may be one of the best beaches in Asia! :)

  3. LoL... it's not impossible for a pub crawl to end up in actual crawling ;)
    Luckily, you all had fun in the civilased way xx

    Lu |

    1. Yes, I didn't see anyone crawling after! And my fellow pubcrawlers up and about the day after, Lu!


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