Boracay Adventures: Part 2

By Seyra Rico - 10:22 AM

My Boracay posts are more of a photo dump because I didn't feel like taking pictures and there is a great need for an action camera, and I have none. I was scared to bring my DSLR since it is neither shock proof nor water proof. And we majored in activities during our stay.

Tip: If you are travelling, always make sure you bring a bottle of water, preferably one that can hold 500mL or more. Dehydration is no joke, especially if you are going to the beach. And since this is Boracay, you can also drink. A lot. 

Also, food is expensive here, so you must be prepared to spend. One meal can cost PhP 300-500 per person. But we found one called 928 in Station 2 that costs less than PhP 100. It tastes good, too.

Pork sisig

Grilled Porkchop
We rode the e-trike going to different stations. It's more comfortable than the normal trikes.
The Sunny Side Café serves the best food in Bora!

Bacon, cheese and mango sandwich. Their bacon is so thick it felt like Christmas ham!

Red Velvet Pancakes 

My only regret is not seeing the famous Boracay sunset because it was always cloudy during our stay.

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