Boracay Adventures: Part 5

By Seyra Rico - 4:31 AM

So after island hopping, we immediately went to ride the flyfish. Most of the activities, excluding Paraw sailing and stand up paddle board are on the other side of the island (other side of Stations 1-3). It takes 10-15 mins via tricycle to reach the activities area. Upon reaching the shore, one must ride a barge or a boat to get to the platform in the middle of the sea where all adventures start. Parasailing and fly fish set us back PhP1500 each.

I've never ridden in a banana boat before but looking at the people whilst we were still waiting for our flyfish, flyfish is the more extreme choice. It can go vertical, it depends on the person driving the speedboat. And gosh, he challenged us. 

Too far but that's us!
We then went parasailing, which requires us to travel first via a brand new speed boat which felt like a yacht to us so we immediately pretended we were living the good life. Which you can really feel, when you're in Boracay. It drizzled for a few seconds but we parasailed through the sunset. How perfect that was. We all wished we can stay longer in the air.
So tanned

Us: Was the abrupt dip in the water really necessary?! Answer: No.
Up and away!
Like what they say: all good things must come to an end, and we left Boracay with a bittersweet feeling but a promise that we will come back. Maybe not soon, but we will always cherish the adventures we have. Happy birthday, sis! I hope you had fun for your 23rd birthday!

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