Spontaneous Hiking Trip

By Seyra Rico - 5:18 AM

Late post. I have so many material to blog about and my laptop's broken so here goes.

Last May 23, Krizz and I went to Cuenca, Batangas to hike Mt. Maculot. She told me Saturday morning that we will go hiking, and being the dispensable person that I am, I automatically agreed so I packed my bag and went. Weird, because we were attacked by mosquitoes all night so we ended up getting half an hour sleep and we were up by 4am, and then we were off to JAM bus liner in Cubao. The trip lasted for more than two hours. We rode a tricycle from the town proper to the foot of the mountain.

This is actually the third time I've hiked but I never blogged about the first two. But still, it was captivating. It's one of the moments that you have to be there to be able to understand. The country is so beautiful, and it will be foolish to give it away like our corrupt ruling class are doing. Reaffirming, like the past months haven't  been reaffirming at all.

All smiles inspite of sleep deprivation and mosquito attack!

There's a bit of cemented path at the foot

Don't worry about starvation, there's a store near the peak

The Jeje squad is back!


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