Tulong Eskwela 2015

By Seyra Rico - 7:51 AM

Every year for the past three years, GABRIELA-Youth have been doing a back-to-school drive to reach out to communities. Last year, we went to Tondo for the urban poor sector. We conducted Numeracy and Literacy program from April to May and launched Tulong Eskwela June of last year.

This year, we went to Langkaan in Cavite to integrate with the farmers who continue to experience land grabbing (a perennial problem in the country that can't be solved by CARP or CARPER). We arrived early Saturday and left on Sunday afternoon.

Simple lunch prepared by our foster families.
We tilled the soil and planted some ginger. Back breaking work, given that the farmers still use cows, unlike our Asian neighbors with super advanced machinery. Where are the priorities of the government again?

 Of course we don't come here and not share our principles. Unlike those philanthropists and charities that just come and go, we live with the people so we can learn their struggle so we come back reaffirmed to fight for genuine social change.

Games for the kiddies!

Last event: giving away of supplies

Some behind the scenes photos! (Feeling.) 

Behind the scene of the behind the scene! Unnatural falling leaves. Hahaha
Again and again, it never fails to agitate and humble me, how people continue to awaken in this deep crisis we are all facing, and how they continue to resist this oppressive system. It gives me so much hope that we will win. And we will, that's for sure.

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