How to Rock Aztec Prints during the Cold Season

By Seyra Rico - 10:06 AM

Happy Monday, everyone! If you have noticed, I love the beach and the scorching heat. I don't have a definite sense of style, but my closet is brimming with colorful dresses and sheer cover-ups. And I noticed that some people tend to wear navy blue, gray or neutral colors during -ber months. I wonder why is that? And so, I will share one easy tip on how to rock aztec prints: JUST DO! 

I know what you're thinking: how trite. But don't underestimate the power of colors, especially the one you are wearing. It can brighten your or someone's mood instantly! It's attention grabbing, too. And hey, we are not made to be dull. So even if we are experiencing gray skies and longer nights, I still asserted to wear a colorful Aztec print maxi dress that one normally wears at a beach club. It's still warm enough to get away with a maxi dress. My mom saw me and I think it provided reaffirmation that she has a weird daughter. When my aunt asked me what I was doing, I said this is a new spin to dusters. Hahaha I cannot give decent justifications for my blogging.

The cold makes me nostalgic for lounging in towels, whilst reading a book and sipping avocado smoothie beside the sea. Oh well, you cannot escape the cold weather. I say rules are made to be broken! Now go out there and wear colorful aztec prints!

Forever 21 dress | straw hat from my grandpa 
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