2016 Color of the Year: Rose Quartz

By Seyra Rico - 4:40 PM

First outfit post for 2016! I did the marsala colored outfit, so I guess it's only fitting to do a rose quartz look as well. I try not to be a fashion victim, but I liked this outfit waaaay back January 2012, whilst I was out window shopping at The Ramp Crossings in Trinoma. This was inspired by Laureen Uy's Stylebreaker line. It's sad she had to stop to focus on blogging. It reminded me of that, so after a short internal debate with my more practical side, the fashion blogger side won, went ahead and bought it.

I digress, but although it's been complete four years since that fateful event, I finally got a look like that. And, it's still beautiful. I was walking in Greenhills when I spotted this kimono top, and I instantly bought it. I was just there to buy some grocery items when I decided to roam around and saw this. No regrets, though! 

Half of January is over and I can already feel the changes happening. Sometimes, I can be fully aware of the vastness of space and time, but what I can do now is attempt to figure out my life plans and do my best in my current work. 
black H&M body con dress and kimono top
H&M dress | Greenhills kimono top | KC shoes
black H&M body con dress and kimono top
black H&M body con dress and kimono top
back body con dress and kimono top fashion
black laced up flats

So what about you? Do you have an impulse buy that you don't regret? Or an item you wished for before but got years later? Comment below!

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  1. I've been so happy with this color choice, and it looks stunning on you!

    Via Sora

  2. Cute cardigan :)


  3. Lovely shoes!



  4. I haven't thought of combining soft rose over deep cobalt blue. You look so elegant and stylish, my dear friend. Loving your outfit posts xx

  5. Such a beautiful color. Great style girlie!

    XO, Jessi

  6. You look gorgeous! I really love this style, such a strong glamorous outfit!

    Diana Cloudlet

  7. Great outfit for this colour! Kisses!


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