How to Wear a Twin Set + WCW

By Seyra Rico - 2:00 AM

Hi, everyone! Here's another backlog outfit. And by backlog, I meant photos last week but the style was desired eons ago. I can't seem to find cute twin sets anywhere, and this is the first one I liked. Also, it reminded of Taylor Swift, so of course, brogues! I can really use some fashion pointers from her paparazzi photos. But even if the this is a printed twin set, I accessorized with a necklace and it still works. There are some with low waist shorts, but high waist shorts fit better, especially with cropped tops. And the vibrant colors is a deviation from my usual, gray/black/white color scheme styles! I started to dress like a minimalist when I put activism on top of everything else, because it's more practical (and you can't really wear dresses during mobilizations).

This twin set is a free size one. And it doesn't quite fit me. The fashion industry should rethink of having a free size, because bodies are very diverse, you can't fit anyone in one size only. And it's unfair, because most of the free sizes are for skinny people only. Why do they even produce clothing that makes women inferior, or make them feel like they should subscribe to a certain body type? I hate capitalism. 
twin set fashion sitting

Twin set like Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift fashion
close up of twin set
Taylor Swift inspired outfit
DV twin set | Ichigo brogues
I am so incredibly blissful to be part of Kelly's Women Crush Wednesday. Her post is entitled, WCW: The Courageous Seyra Rico, Fashionista, Activist, and she let me write an essay of how I became part of the national democratic movement and why I will never stop fighting for human rights. I chanced upon her when I was browsing through fashion blogs a few months back, and it is the first time I encountered another person who is as passionate as I am about activism. We instantly clicked, and as a result, a collaboration! English language is failing me right now. I wish there are more words to encompass how grateful I am to be able to partner with such an amazing person. You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

How about you, what made you happy this week? What are your thoughts on this outfit? Comment below!

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  1. A very gorgeous, cool outfit and you look amazing in it. Wonderful, beautiful legs and I love that first shot especially!! Very wow :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Love the pattern and colors. Great style girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  3. Hi I just discovered your blog and it's so refreshing, loving your style!
    Would you like to follow each other (GFC, G+, Polyvore, Fb) ?
    Let me know so I can follow you back anytime soon <3

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Facebook Page *Click*

  4. I'm in love with your outfiyt! XOXO

  5. I love the zigzag print of this two-piece and the fun colours; you couldn't have picked a prettier setting to take these photos too - surrounded by plants! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. You look stunning, really great photos.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  7. The terno is cute :)

  8. That twin set is so cute and it actually fits you quite well! Yeah I'm not a fan of free sizes either!

  9. love the look, and great pics

  10. This chevron two piece set is really pretty. I love your gorgeous smile too :))

  11. I really am obsessed with co-ord sets and this one is no different. I love the pattern and color combination as well. It looks beautiful on you!

    Via Sora

    1. Hi, Sora! Planning to buy one with a skirt, too!

  12. Love the print! So summer ready! I hope you always keep in touch!
    Qing's Style

  13. Really like how colorful this outfit is! :)

  14. What a fabulous outfit. The chevron print is so cute and playful! I'd love it if you stopped by my blog and added this post to my fashion link up which has just gone live. I think my readers would really like your style!

  15. Such a cute look! I love anything with a chevron print and some bright colors! Great post ;)
    xx Annie


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