Calaguas Travel Tips & Itinerary

By Seyra Rico - 9:07 AM

Hello, there! Calaguas is one of those unforgettable places that will make you think of running away from the city and settling in a house by the sea. I won't mind not having all the amenities, in exchange from my peace of my mind. I guess I'm low key that way.

Since many of my friends asked where did I take my photos on Instagram, I decided to share my itinerary and travel tips, as well. Who doesn't want to go an uncommercialised beach, right? As you have known in my previous post, I had no idea of our itinerary, the only thing I know is that we will be going to the beach, and we will meet up at 8 pm. Not doing that again! So with an effort to be more informative, here's our itinerary:

Day 00 
9 pm - Depart Manila

Day 01 
5 am - Arrival at Vinzon's Port
6 am - Breakfast
8 am - Travel to Calaguas
10 am - Arrival
12 noon - Lunch
1 - 4 pm - Island hopping + Snorkeling. We went to Pinagtakpan Island, the one with the luscious rolling hills and breathtaking views. And then went snorkeling.l
4 - 5 pm - Photo shoot because of the gorgeous sunset. The island is equipped with bare essentials--we got our bath water from a well, and bathe with our clothes on. It gets real cold at night, so be prepared to endure the chilly air and equally frosty water. There are cubicles, but you have to get water from a pump well. 
6 pm - Dinner
7 pm onwards - games. We played a card game called The Resistance. It requires persuasion, deceit, and treachery. Everyone was passionately raising their voices in accusation of who were the spies and allies. We played until 12 am!

Day 02
5:30 am - wake up
6 am - Trekking
10 am - Breakfast
11 am - 12 noon - Relaxation
12 noon - Lunch
1 pm - Departure
3 pm - Arrival at Vinzon's Port
3:30 pm - Pasalubong shopping. They have the best Pandecillos, for only PhP 11!
4 - 5pm - Surfing at Bagasbas Beach
5:30 - 6 pm - Shower
6 pm - Departure

Day 03
2 am - Arrival at Manila

1. DIY travel is totally doable. Just hop on to buses going to Bicol in Cubao near Shopwise. 
2. Bring your own tent, if you can. The rent for a tent good enough for two to three people is 300 pesos per night.
3. Bring supplies like food, snacks, towels, and toiletries. You are situated on an island, maybe they don't have your preferred brands.
4. Bring a heavy duty plastic or waterproof bags, because your stuff will be stashed away at the bottom of the boat, which can get wet.
5. Bring your own snorkeling gear--more hygienic and cost efficient!
6. Electricity shuts down at 12 am, or later, so there's little nightlife there. Calaguas is for relaxation. Feel the breeze. You can party at BGC when you go back.
7. Calaguas is a group of islands, and we only got to go to two islands--Pinagtakpan and Mahabnag Buhangin, because of our limited time. I suggest you rent a boat and explore as many islands as you can, including the uninhabitable ones. There's also a more commercialized area in the southern part of Mahabang Buhangin, which I only saw from afar because of the trek.

Bonfires are prohibited since long ago, so please respect this rule.

Pinagtakpan, Calaguas

Can I have three days more? I didn't want to leave the place. Especially with the awareness that I will be back in my daily grind, and I hate being a weekend warrior--which means I can't be happy on the weekdays. Nooooooo.

How about you? Have you been to any weekend getaways lately? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  2. Amazing pcs, thanks for your suggestions!
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  3. Looks like such a gorgeous place to relax and unwind. Beautiful photos!

  4. Those pictures are breathtaking! I need to take a vacation!
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  5. This place looks BEAUTIFUL, amazing pics! It sounds like you had an incredible time, ugh I just can't wait to travel!

    1. You can! You'll be surprised on the beautiful places around you!

  6. We'll visit Calaguas in the coming months and your post really made me more excited and helped me prepare because I already know what to expect now. Great post! :)

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  7. wow, it looks so amazing! Wish I could go there now.. Vacation is needed! ;)


  8. This place to so dreamy. Unbelievably it wasn't even on my radar! But it is now!


  9. Ohhmmmyyy looks like a paradise.
    I need to tick it on my travel bucket list.'
    Lovely photos too.

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  10. Running away and settling in a house by the sea sounds like a very good idea with sunny views like this! Wow! What a gorgeous sunset :)

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  13. beautiful place!!

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  14. Thanks for sharing this. Your photos are fabulous. Gemma x

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  16. Really good idea I want try one day !!
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  17. So pretty! I seriously want to visit the next time I'm in the Phil :)

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  18. This place looks sooo amazing
    Wonderful photos

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