By Seyra Rico - 8:44 AM

In a period in which sex sells, and everything is hypersexualized, from girl groups to kitchen sponges, women are harassed and violated. I live in a relatively good neighborhood, but there will always be cat callers and street harassers. My first experience of street harassment was when I was just 11 years old, and I got surrounded by a group of seven teenagers. I was so scared but I never told anyone about it. My sister questions it by saying, "Why are men aroused by boobs? It's just skin." Everyday, we are bombarded by advertisements dictating us what we should buy, or more accurately, what we should need. Telling us how we should act and behave. Whispering what our preferences and tastes should be like. And it isn't just the media, it's the whole superstructure--the economy, society and culture. Women earn less than men, and more often than not, discriminated during job interviews and promotions. This further reaffirms the misogyny in our society. If we historicize violence against women, we will discover it resulted from the replacement of communal ownership of property by private male ownership of the basic means of production. This shift took place with the rise of domestication of animals and the breeding of herds which created new social wealth. This new wealth automatically belonged to male members of the clans.

So what can we do? Join a mass organization, educate yourself that it isn't just about being able to celebrate your body no matter what size and color, but it is rather about historical, systemic problems that we need to solve once and for all. This is an extremely urgent issue, one that millions of people have been fighting for decades now, and we must take part in the struggle towards true women emancipation.

These are photos from my graduation shoot, and I know I can be a bit nudist in my lifestyle. But it doesn't warrant lascivious actions and indecent proposals from people. Women's oppression isn't and won't be eternal. We hold half the sky and we have a world to win.

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  1. I loved reading your thoughts, this is such a great topic, You look absolutely stunning!!

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  2. Perfect smile dear.

  3. I love, love, LOVE what you had to say about this. It's ridiculous how sexualized women are. I love how you embraced your body and took ownership of what it means to be in your own skin. Gorgeous photos, incredible message.

    Via Sora || instagram · twitter · pinterest · bloglovin

    1. Thank you, Sora, for that incredible thought. We should all be able to walk in the streets without being harassed!

  4. Great post darling!
    Amazing pics in b&w and wonderful smile!!!
    xo Paola
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  5. You are really pretty young woman. It looks, that you have got a freedom in your life, it's very important! :)


    1. Yes, Betty. Freedom, true freedom is of utmost importance.

  6. Amazing topic I feel so strongly about, I might write my own thoughts in a similar post. You are beautiful also! X

  7. Such an inspiring post!



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