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Hydro Manila Music Festival happened last August 27, and I was there to witness it all. Prior to this event, I have only attended a rave once, Vibrant 2016, which was a rave with glow in the dark paint, and it was extremely fun. Hydro is on it's second year, and they're all about supporting the local rave and music scene here. Unlike Vibrant which mostly featured international acts like R3hab and Rave Republic, Hydro featured local DJ's, artists and even a university cheering squad. 

Here's the thing about raves, the energy of the people is contagious. Everyone's just friendly and chill! And unlike clubs where you can be rejected if you dance with a stranger, that will never happen in a rave party. I went to Vibrant with Khyncer, a high school friend and the best dancer in the world and he won't let me rest. Whenever I try to sit down, he'll pull me up and we'll be dancing again. But I don't mind, seeing him dance is one of the priceless moments in life.

Unlike the first time, I actually searched for some dance moves this time. I still can't shuffle or cut squares, but that's a great thing about rave--you have the freedom to create your own movements, and people. Hydro is a wet party, so that made things infinitely better, you always feel cool despite the hours upon hours of dancing. We danced for 10 hours! I don't want to beat that record anymore. How about you? Have you ever been to a rave party?

HYDRO MANILA 2016 crowd
Photo by Art Oca: Nightscapes & Nightlife
HYDRO MANILA 2016 outfit
What I wore: a bikini top I've never been worn in the beach :(
HYDRO MANILA 2016 stage
HYDRO MANILA 2016 people
HYDRO MANILA 2016 fashion
HYDRO MANILA 2016 fireworks
Photo from HYDRO Manila Music Festival Facebook page

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  1. That looks like such a fun event! :) I've never been to anything like that before, 10 hours is a lot of dancing!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Cool event! I'd like to go to a party like this))

  3. Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. awesome!
    looks like so much fun!

  5. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun! Hoping I just live around Manila so I can participate in events and concerts like this easily. :)


    1. Oh, I think some events have their megacity version like in Cebu or Davao?

  6. wow so nice dress. You look very pretty. I love to buy muslim tunics to look good.

  7. Darling, I'm in love with this post!
    Can't wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet


    1. Yes, thank you, Diana! I will post real soon!

  8. Wow this is such a massive festival! I'm sure you've enjoyed it bit time :)

  9. You had your best time in that event ..we seen your exciting...and you looking so good...have a great time...


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