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By Seyra Rico - 10:08 PM

Hi, there! Sorry for the not posting, for I found a job I like at an international development organization and I am still adjusting to my schedule. I work during the night and it's harder to find time to write when you feel so sleep every day. I'm also feeling better now, no more doom and gloom thoughts, like my last post. I attributed to the fact that I had an immense amount of free time and lack of social life--all I ever did was watch movies back then. (Which I'm not complaining about, I'm a cinephile through and through!) I have so much material so post so please watch out!

As you have noticed, I tend to gravitate towards bodycon dresses, and people always think that I party a lot. Which I admittedly did before. I'm more open to different cuts and styles now--and recently I choose maxi and pencil skirts over fitted ones. I'm getting older hahaha. My sister was pregnant last year, and this is what she wore then, the ultimate Chrissy Teigen fan!

Forever 21 dress | SM shoes

 So what do you think?

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  1. This dress looks like it was made for you babe! I love how casual it looks when paired with those white flats... super cute! <3

    XO Jessi,

  2. Hi
    Thank you for sharing blog of Seyra, a traveler and stylist.
    I love casual it looks.

  3. awesome dress!

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  5. So beautyfull look. nice very nice.

  6. Nice Post
    all photograph is good and poase and clothes and outfit is also better
    thank you for sharing with us

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