A Quick Guide to: Nami Island and Petite France

By Seyra Rico - 11:39 AM

Wanting to maximize my trip, I always wake up at 6am to prepare and leave right after. The ride was enjoyable and fast, and of course I got lost even before I got there. The machine had trouble issuing my card so I have to call an attendant! They were all so helpful, in spite of the language barrier. As I was waiting for the bus to Nami Island, I heard a familiar language, and I noticed two Filipinas were also waiting at the bus stop. Instant friends! I went with them, and they willingly took my photos for today. Yay!

Nami Island is huge. This is where they shot scenes from Endless Love: Winter Sonata and so many other heart wrenching dramas. We spent a good 2 hours here. You can also rent bikes. There are playgrounds for children, too.

Endless Love: Winter Sonata statue

How to Get there:
  1. Take the Metro to Yongsan Station
  2. From Yongsan Station, Take the ITX Train to Gapyeong Station
  3. From Gapyeong Station, take the “Gapyeong Tour Bus” to Nami Island Station
  4. From Nami Island Station, walk to Gapyeong Wharf (2 minutes). Then take the zipline or ferry to Nami Island
Next stop, Petite France! I didn't stay long because it was small, and it will take you less than an hour to roam around. For The Little Prince fans, this place will be a real treat for you! There's not much to see except for train collections, and The Little Prince books translated in all languages, but the viewing deck was enjoyable.

Photographed a lot of couples with matching outfits for this trip 

Last stop, The Garden of Morning Calm. I came when they were lighting up the trees for during the winter, they have a lights festival. Maybe to compensate for the dead trees? There were so many people milling around but it was still spectacular. I did not have my fellow Filipinos with me for this destination (and Petite France, too) so I have to ask strangers again. They were all friendly. And all were surprised that I was alone, too! Whenever I ask someone to take my photo, they instantly ask if I was alone. I felt proud to say yes.

If you have a Nami Island pass, it will be good thing to keep it safe for it will also be a free pass to bus rides to Petite France and The Garden of Morning Calm, and the shuttle back to Gapyeong Station. I haven't read this in any of the blogs before I went so it was a good surprise to realize this tidbit. If you don't present your pass, you will be required to pay.

The winter was bearable, it's almost approaching spring in a few weeks time. But it's still too cold for a tropical girl like me. Worried on your winter trip? My blogger friend Elle has some winter travel essentials

Posting more about my Korea trip soon!

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