Weekend Getaway: Corregidor Island

By Seyra Rico - 12:36 AM

Before I upload recent posts, I will try to finish all the travel posts from last year. I managed to travel to a lot of places, and I found balance in traveling solo and traveling with friends. I  realize I still like traveling solo better. Maybe because I was used to it?
After our trip to Las Casas, we went to Corregidor. It was challenging to travel with a 7-month-old baby, we set to depart at 7am and we ended up leaving the resort at 8:30am!

Quick Facts about Corregidor:

  1. It is located in Cavite, but it is closer to Bataan. This is due to the fact that boats and ships that go there and back were mostly from Cavite City. Naic in Cavite was the naval base of the Americans during the colonial period
  2. It is a fortress island because of its strategic location. You can see defense and battery buildings around.
  3. There are also shops, a movie theater, and a swimming pool on the island. Not only the soldiers lived there, but their families.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. This is default rule whenever you travel actually. You won't be able to enjoy exploring if you're hampered by your own clothes. It's a good thing Dresshead has a wide selection to choose from!
Walking along the deserted roads and barracks, the place just emanated sadness. Like there were hundreds of deaths there. And there was, especially in Malinta Tunnel--where Japanese will commit the honorable act of suicide: "seppuku" and were Filipino soldiers died defending our country's freedom. Personal tidbit: I have been going to Bataan since birth for my father's side family lives there but this was my first time to go to Corregidor. 

They have been like this for the whole trip, whilst I stand on the side and observe

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