Tri-Country Tour: Hồ Chí Minh

By Seyra Rico - 12:29 AM

Finally blogging about this! 

I don't suggest you do it the way I did. I planned it less than two weeks before I left. Because we don't need visas to travel to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. And any other ASEAN countries. I know, it seems like I never learn. The time I didn't spend sleeping, I am wildly learning helpful phrases to help me get around. For female travelers: it always depends on what you think is safe. I'm from the Philippines so Hồ Chí Minh is similar to Lawton in Manila, and I can blend in sometimes. But when I start talking, that's when I can get in trouble. It didn't help that I was carrying a map either. And I didn't think that it wasn't safe. Just be alert and don't flash your cash, jewelry, and gadgets. The city IS dirty and can smell like pee, in all honesty. If you're always too afraid, you won't be able to get anywhere. Also, I didn't have a choice, no one can have two weeks off in the middle of August, and I can be very specific and random about my travel plans so I would have needed someone spontaneous and easy-going. I would just point to the things I want when buying and it made things easier. And be friendly!

I got scammed the first day of my backpacking tour. Just my luck, right? I wanted to cry and go home but no. I had to see this through. So I went and learned so much! For the first day, I did the city tour, and all I can say is avoid the people offering rides, that's where I got scammed. There is strong inequality in the region, that's why people are forced to do these things but try to avoid them as much as possible. I felt that the whole city is a crazy tourist trap where people were out to get you after the scam. You can get a map. All of the tourists I talked to also experienced the same thing. I also went to Bảo tàng tàn dư chiến tranh (War Remnants Museum), and I actually bawled. (Fact: I rarely cry.) Especially the Aggression War Crimes section. and I cried thinking of the ruthless way the colonialist US wreak havoc to the country, and they're still recovering from it up to now. The revolution may be the only thing that can spark emotions within me.

I ordered avocado smoothie here, she was really nice.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Saigon

Ngọc Hoàng Pagoda

War Remnants Museum

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