Personal as Political

By Seyra Rico - 5:24 PM

September 2017. It was the first time I've said the words out loud: "I think I want to quit my work." Some friend shrugged it off as a common millennial feeling, but I knew better. I didn't verbalize my thoughts by then but I was feeling stuck. Here I am, a project-based employee in a job that does not have good things happening, and it will end in November 2018.

January 2018. I became more restless and started applying for jobs. I went into three job interviews, and none of them worked out because of various reasons (they needed someone that can start immediately, overqualification, etc...).

I wanted to quit my day job and start blogging for real. I can write 200 words for a fashion collaboration post, but I will feel like I'm doing it more for the money. I can write more when it's not about generating income and getting advertisements. But I find it hard to reconcile my fashion with my political principles, especially when it comes to writing. I still like recording my outfits and adventures--I love photography after all--but I just don't want to be the person who was known for being fashionable, but didn't care for the world. Activism will still be the top priority. Will that be my legacy? That I wore pretty clothes? Or that I fought for genuine equality, alongside the masses? I will choose the latter every time. I started this blog to document my sartorial adventures in 2012. I saw some cringe-worthy poses when I was editing some posts to make it more uniform. Sorry to digress. But one thing that you have to know about me is I was/is a nerd. I was very studious. I never tried to hide it, but you won't see any of my academic achievements (woah, this is too navel grazing than I thought) on social media. Before my senior year in high school, whilst I was binge-watching Gossip Girl, it came to me that I can be more than just smart--I can be fashionable as well. So I started improving my wardrobe and my physical self (let's be honest, it IS the first thing that people see). I can have various islands of personality, even unexpected ones. 

So I will still post, but it won't be as commercialized as before. I pride myself that I have style, but I am smart, too. I broke stereotypes. And I will use my abilities in advocating for a movement that aims to make the world a better place. 

Then I saw this post by Geneva, which is one of my top blogger inspirations. She said that your blog is more important than ever because this is the sole space you can call on your own. In this day and age wherein Instagram algorithms are always changing and social media are always flooding you with updates. Your blog is the only thing you can control.
This might seem strange but I do not want my blog to be too personal. I find it hard to share my problems with my closest friends, what more to the rest of the world. I noticed that I write better when it's about my life. Yes, I can talk about the fit and color of all the clothes I wear but it's better to ultimately write what you care about. What you are passionate about. And if you don't know me personally, you'll know that I am unemotional--I rarely experience intense emotions. Activism is one of the only things that made me feel something.

So I'll be better. I'll post with better quality--in terms of writing and editing. And what's a blog without showing your personal evolution?

Photos were taken at Château de Vaux le Vicomte one wintry day.

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