The Blogger

What started as an academic requirement became a passion, when Seyra first wrote her first blog post back in 2012. She finished her undergraduate degree in UP Diliman. Because of the encouragement of her friends, she continued posting about fashion, which is her love, and upon joining GABRIELA, her advocacy, as well. She hopes to give you inspiration as you strut the world's pavements as though they are runways, by providing outfits which are bought in bazaars, flea markets, and pre-loved shops. Hey, fashion can both be beautiful and affordable! She's also too distracted to have hobbies except for this blog, which she tries her darnedest to update. But you can always count on her to go with you to independent film screenings, music festivals, and surfing trips. She also writes flash fictions and flash poems, which will never see the light of day. She is still learning, but will love for you to be there with her.

Now, she's thrown into various pursuits, that of photography and graphic design, and educating migrants about their rights. She also enjoys joining mass movements, taking portraits, and doing adrenaline fueled activities. She seeks apology to her readers because she wrote this bio in third person which is a tad self-aggrandizing. On that same note, she appreciates each and every one of her readers their continuous presence as she mix two seemingly incompatible interests: fashion and fighting for genuine equality. You can begin by reading here and by following her on Instagram.

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